three days’ worth of doodles on the back of a reference of my dog for art

and its all homestuck

my life

i guess when i said later i meant right afterwards

i like this


Started this in art today; I decided to actually go slow for once and I actually sort of like it oops.

I’ll color this soon I guess

so Fire Crotch and the Friend-Zone Virgins might have given me some feels

a few

for my old otp

so i drew them (not the Fire Crotch iterations; if I had they’d both have stretched ears and Roxas would have a sugar-skull tattoo on his neck) (really I just forgot to give axel stretched ears) (whoops)

(what are eyes)

i used to love him

i guess i still do


i have a passionate kismesissitude with his hair though



this was all done on my homework today

send help

rewatched Fionna and Cake today

still freaked out a little over the song

then doodled him

i love neil patrick harris ok

and gumball

this is what happens when you leave me in AP US History with a pink highlighter, a ballpoint pen, and my school planner.

emily, you’re dumb.  school planners are for planning, not for drawing.

p.s. it’s alaska young again

yes i know this is probably way inaccurate

i mean damn i dont even know what her hair looks like, im only 35 pages into the book

but shit guys i’m in love with alaska young




john green is p great

help im nostalgiabombing all over the place

so i saw lackofa's beautiful Andalite fanart on my dash today and i was like

"asLKDHADKJGASDF ANIMORPHS" and proceeded to vomit andalites all over my SAI

i suck at animal anatomy so this is the only one i’ll be showing but still